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LeeMark’s Commitment
At LeeMark, our commitment to you is to offer quality Dental and Denture products at affordable and reasonable prices. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal, and we back all LeeMark Dental products with a 30 day money-back guarantee. Our sincere desire is to make a difference in your practice by providing you with materials to make dentistry easier.

Patient Care Products

Improve your Patient’s experience with you by utilizing these helpful tools.

Cora-Caine® Denture Pain-Relieving Adhesive Ointment

Cora-Caine® is a pain-relieving dental analgesic adhesive ointment for new or intermediate dentures. This denture cream provides immediate relief and a secure fit by soothing tender ridges and relieving the discomfort of sore spots. 20 Tubes Included.


Denture EaseDenture Ease Analgesic Adhesive

Nothing says “my dentist cares” like a gift to help ease the transition into new dentures.
• Qty. 14 with patient instructions Item #DA1821-12
• Active Ingredient: Benzocaine

$39.95 (14 tubes)

Policare™ Complete Care Kit
Policare™ Complete Care Kit

The Policare™ Complete Care Kit is a starter kit designed for the new denture wearer.

Contains 1 denture bath, 1 denture brush,
6 Polident Overnight Whitening tablets, 1 (0.35 oz) Super Poligrip Free adhesive cream and
1 patient education booklet.
• Qty. 12


True Soft Professional Denture Brush SetTrue Soft Professional Denture Brush
Qty. 12

Denture teeth are up to 10x’s softer than natural dentition. The ADA recommends soft bristle brushes natural teeth so only makes sense that a soft bristle should be used on denture teeth and acrylic to prevent premature wearing.


Polident Denture BrushPolident Denture Brush

A flat head to clean broad surfaces with a round brush to help penetrate tight spaces and curves.  Qty. 12

Specifically designed with soft bristle to help remove stains, the Polident Denture Brush uses two tailored brush heads to clean your dentures thoroughly and easily. The soft bristles are gentle on dentures to ensure longevity, making the Polident Denture Brush suitable for both partials and full dentures.
Use Polident Denture Brush with Polident Denture Cleansers every day to kill up to 99.9% of odou causing bacteria.


Incognito Denture Bath Incognito Denture Bath

Discreet storage for your patients dentures.
“Looks Like Eye Cream”.
12 Denture Baths included


ORAfix Premium Denture Bath

ORAfix Premium Denture Bath 

Orafix Premium Denture Bath Daily Cleaning.



Denture Vault – Dental Appliance Storage + Cleaning System

An excellent gift for patients.

$18.95 each

4 for $59.95

Orafix Denture Brush

Orafix Denture Brush Qty. 12
Orafix denture toothbrush has double sided bristles. 12 Brushes$26.95