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Flowstone FS
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Tongue and Void Filler

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LeeMark’s Commitment
At LeeMark, our commitment to you is to offer quality Dental and Denture products at affordable and reasonable prices. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal, and we back all LeeMark Dental products with a 30 day money-back guarantee. Our sincere desire is to make a difference in your practice by providing you with materials to make dentistry easier.

Articulators and Lab Supplies


Lang AquaPress

Lightweight and easily transportable, this 5″ diameter unit is the perfect size to accommodate denture duplication flask. Does not require electricity, heat or air pressure. The Cadillac of pressure pots!


Reflex Jig

Designed for accuracy when relining, rebasing or repairing a denture. 3-post design ensures stability in mounting the denture on the model. Jig fits in the Aquapres. Pressure curing is the step that ensures density and color stability.


Duplicator Denture Flask

Duplicator Denture Flask Flask only. Having two flasks will allow you to do both upper & lower simultaneously


Denture Duplicator Kit

Denture Duplicator Kit includes: Denture Duplicator Flask, Silicone Spray Release, Jet Tooth Shade 4/1 Kit, and Jet Acrylic pound package and detailed step-by-step instructions.


Slidematic Facebow

Comes with 1 or 3 Denar Jigs

with 1 Denar® Jig $399.00

with 3 Denar® Jigs $649.00

Whipmix Waterbath


Gemini Waxer

Our Gemini Waxer offers a dual probe system with independent temperature control for each probe. The versatility of the spatula and PKT tips allows the freedom to simultaneously melt large portions of wax, customize night guards, reline dentures and trim bleaching trays with the spatula probe specifically designed by Dr. Massad. Two technicians can work simultaneously with one unit.


Maxillary Cast Support

Maxillary Cast Support- the adjustable “T” supports the bitefork and maxillary cast when mounting the facebow record on the articulator. Works with both magnetic and traditional plates.


Mark 310 Articulator

Fixed Settings Protrusive Condylar Inclination fixed at 25 degrees Progressive Side Shift fixed at 15 degrees. Comes with 10 magnetic mounting plates, instructions and carrying case


Quick Mount Articulator

Used to determine bilateral prematurities in occulusion. Requires no mounting blocks or plaster. Denture simply mounts directly to the articulator.



Alma Denture Gauge $99.00

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Scotch Bite 25mm Coarse 6pk

Excellent for Molloplast and soft recliners grinding and polishing.



Dental Grinding Box $79.95

Compact and portable
11.5″ x 8.5 x 7″
Easy to clean. Simply lift from tray.
Provides protection from flying debris 


Whipmix Lift Tray from Leemark Dental

Whipmix Lift Tray



Stainless Steel Mixing Spreading Instruments

Stone Spatula


Alginate Spatula


Utility Mixing


Lessman Wax Knife


Fahnestock Wax Knife