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Flowstone FS
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Tongue and Void Filler

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LeeMark’s Commitment
At LeeMark, our commitment to you is to offer quality Dental and Denture products at affordable and reasonable prices. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal, and we back all LeeMark Dental products with a 30 day money-back guarantee. Our sincere desire is to make a difference in your practice by providing you with materials to make dentistry easier.

Instruments For Denture

Lip Ruler


2 for $39.95


Watch Lip Ruler Video

Measures both upper and lower ridge to lip relationships for accurate results in denture and implant denture cases.

Massad Space Ruler


Provides essential measurements to allow laboratory to set teeth for optimal esthetics in both edentulous and denture cases.



Staedtler Locking Calipers


Alma Denture Gauge


Rim Former


Instrument used to quickly establish the ECB’s intermaxillary horizontal plane of occlusion and to form the buccal coridor surfaces.

Occlusal Rim Hot Plate


Left or Right Handed.



An accurate method of selecting both the size and the form of the maxillary anterior teeth.

Facial Slide Ruler


For measuring facial features.

Golden Ruler


Measure the vertical dimension easily. Aids in the comparison of teeth proportions in the mouth with those on the model. The Golden Ruler helps to insure the technician and dentist that the patient’s esthetic are duplicated.

Thompson’s Color Transfer Sticks


Sanitary Color Transfer Applications

Leaf Gauge

Leaf Gauge


Esthetic Blue Print Knife/Carver


Tooth Charting Pencils
12, red/blue)


Double ended, red and blue



Gain more accurate results in denture and denture related implant cases.

Number 7 Wax Spatula


Occlusal Stainless Steel Bite Plane
(Fox style)


Double Ended Lip Retractors

Set of two $52.00

Double Ended Lip Retractors

2 Sets of two $95.00

Alma Bite Plane


The Alma – Bite Plane is an essential and dedicated instrument that can assist in determining the correct orientation of the occlusal plane to produce successful dentures. Rigid plastic construction, Autoclavable.

Indelible Pencils Faber-Castel Blue

$9.95 each

3 for $24.95

Faber-Castell Blue Pencil


Ensures consistently accurate, repeatedly verifiable measurements for vertical dimension.


TMJ TriMeasure Stainless Steel


Measures both interincisal opening and lateral shift capability.

Post Dam Carver 

Tempered carving head carves the 2mm post dam bead at the vibrating line and feathers the cast in the customary butterfly shape.

Large handle provides a comfortable grip reducing hand fatigue.