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Flowstone FS
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Tongue and Void Filler

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LeeMark’s Commitment
At LeeMark, our commitment to you is to offer quality Dental and Denture products at affordable and reasonable prices. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal, and we back all LeeMark Dental products with a 30 day money-back guarantee. Our sincere desire is to make a difference in your practice by providing you with materials to make dentistry easier.

Denture Balancers CR, & VDR

Coble Balancer

Easily determine vertical for occlusal splints. (Massad technique) Balancing complete dentures.


Coble Graphic Plate

Package of 10 aluminum plates.


Coble Graphic Plate

Package of 10 plastic plates.


Swissdent Ball Bearing Bite Recorder

Swissdent Gothic Arch Tracing Kit The Ball Bearing Bite Recorder Kit is a simple effective means of obtaining Gothic Arch tracing. Swissdent suggested retail price on this item is $259.00




Soft Layout Marker

Preferred Marker by the Massad Team for a more definitive tracing mark



Intra-Oral Establisher

Has five quick and easy uses:Record a Patient’s Occlusal Vertical Dimension (ODV), Centric Relation, Completely Balance Full dentures, Parital dentures and Implant dentures. Kit Includes: 1 – Massad Instructional DVD & Booklet, 2 – Striking Plates, 1 Standard & 1 Small 10- Centric Pin Receivers, 1-3 Position Contact Plate, 2-Short Threaded Pins, 3-Standard Threaded Pins, 4-Tall Threaded Pins


Plastogum 60 cc Syringe 3 for $10.00

Designed for use with Plastogum for tracing Gothic arch. Monoject.


Shipmon Balancer

Simple intra oral balancer used to check eccentric movement for prematurities or interferences that may cause denture dislodgement. Acts as a central bearing mechanism when mounted on finished full upper and lower dentures. For use in balancing the occlusion.
Recommended by Dr. Shipmon!


Disposable Jaw Recorder

Includes 14 Recorders with DVD Instruction.