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Alma Denture Gauge


Alma Denture Gauge $99.00

Contains:  The Alma Gauge, Marking Pen, and 10 Patient Sleeves.


What is the Alma Denture Gauge/Papilla Gauge

  The Alma Denture Gauge is a unique device that measures the horizontal and vertical distances between the palatal papilla and the upper anterior incisal edges.

Why is that a good thing?

  In the past the clinician might assess the patient’s existing upper denture and then try to create the new denture by ‘guessing’ the position of the upper anterior teeth. Now that position can be measured and documented.

Yes, but how does that help?

  Measuring the position of the upper anterior teeth encourages the clinician to consider and plan where to place the teeth when making the new denture. If the old denture is worn then the clinician can compensate for this. Wax can be added to the existing denture to establish the correct position and the Alma Denture Gauge can then be used to measure the new dimensions.

Ok, but then what?

The measurement is written onto the lab ticket and the laboratory makes bite rims to that prescription. This saves much time at the bite registration visit and ensures that the new denture is being constructed using a proper ‘blueprint’. This measurement can also be checked at try-in and fit (to check there has been no movement of teeth during flasking).