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Flowstone FS
50% faster set time

Tongue and Void Filler

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LeeMark’s Commitment
At LeeMark, our commitment to you is to offer quality Dental and Denture products at affordable and reasonable prices. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal, and we back all LeeMark Dental products with a 30 day money-back guarantee. Our sincere desire is to make a difference in your practice by providing you with materials to make dentistry easier.

Acrylics & Denture Repair

Bosworth Glaze from LeeMark Dental
Bosworth Glaze


Bosworth Softone


Bosworth Superbite from LeeMark Dental
Bosworth Superbite



Bosworth Original TruLiner from LeeMark Dental

Bosworth Original TruLiner


Bosworth TruRepair from LeeMark Dental
Bosworth TruRepair


Bosworth Disposable Syringes from LeeMark Dental

Bosworth Disposable Syringes


Jet Denture Repair from LeeMark Dental
Jet Denture Repair

Fast Curing Acrylic Pink Fibered Denture Duplication. 10 min Denture Repair. 100g power, 118 ml liquid


Jet Tooth from LeeMark Dental
Jet Tooth

Self Curing Acrylic Denture Duplication. Crown temps. Occlusal Splints 4/1 Kit 4x45g power 118 ml liquid


Ortho Jet from LeeMark Dental

Ortho Jet

Self Curing Acrylic Clear with Pink Tint. Implant Surgical Guide Ortho Appliances. 454g power 246 ml liquid


Silicone from LeeMark Dental
Denture Duplication
Dry Release 12 oz. can


Simplified Notes

Crown & Bridge Prep 1001
50 for $12.00